About Lee Miguel Gonzalez

Sales Representative

I was a newcomer like a lot of people who came to Canada for a better life. I was a Civil Engineer in the Dominican Republic but the economic and political situation pushed me to leave this beautiful country. 
My new life in Canada taught me to be more humble by working in different jobs from cleaning, trade worker to customer service and finally I decided to go back to college to study what I liked, Civil Engineering & Project Manager.  As soon as I finished College I got a job and quickly realized that I wanted to be my own boss and I always felt that customer service was my strongest asset. 
When I decided to become a Realtor, it was because I wanted to learn how the Real Estate market worked so that I could find opportunities for house flipping but over the years I fell in love with my Real Estate career. Open the door of the future for people to live better than they where living before. 
I realized to provide awesome customer service for those who put their trust in you is personally satisfying. That’s when I understood that Real Estate was my natural fit.  A large part of my business comes from referrals that is an indication for the service that I provide.
Helping people to buy and sell their home is not just about making money; it is about making people happy and helping them to fulfill the big dream of home ownership.